Severin: Attorney General’s Motion to Suspend State Workers Pay a Political Stunt

Springfield…. Representative Dave Severin(R-Benton) released a statement today following a motion filed by Attorney General Lisa Madigan to stop pay for state workers while the state has no budget.
“Last night Attorney General Lisa Madigan filed a motion to stop payments to state employees, while the state has no budget,” Severin said. “The timing of this could not be worse. Just as the Senate begins to make legitimate bipartisan progress on a budget, Attorney General Madigan is attempting to manufacture a political crisis.”
Severin says the Attorney General’s motion will cause unnecessary anxiety for state employees and their families. Severin says he supports state employees receiving their paychecks on time and in full.

“This is a confusing flip-flop by Attorney General Madigan,” Severin said. “She has held a different position on this issue before, despite the lack of budget. This action seems quite political to me, and I don’t support her attempt to cause a crisis. State employees are doing their part to keep our services going, and they deserve to be paid for their work.”