Severin Weekly Newsletter February 10, 2017
Dear Friend,
Welcome to the Weekly Newsletter for the week of February 10, 2017. This week I split my time between the district and Springfield. The first half of the week was spent in district where I was busy meeting with constituents, visiting with Tom Miller, and welcoming the Governor on his visit to the 117th district. The second half of the week I traveled up to Springfield, as the House reported for session. While we still lack a budget there were some big developments with other legislation. Here is the recap.
Ounce of Prevention Fund

Last Friday, I visited the Educare facility in West Chicago to learn more about the Ounce of Prevention Fund. The group believes that the first five years of a child’s life is the most important to the future of their education. As a result the Ounce has created teaching models to boost program quality across the state and at the national level. This ensures that more children have to the programs best suited for their future success. It is a great group of people, and I look forward to seeing the impact of their work in our district.
Visited with WJPF Tom Miller
On Tuesday I sat down with Tom Miller of WJPF Radio to talk discuss some of the latest developments in Springfield.
Tom and I discussed my new committee assignments and how the committees are all in areas relevant to the district and Southern Illinois as a whole. We also touched on the Senate’s “Grand Bargain” budget plan, what to expect with taxes, and a recent proposal to make Illinois a sanctuary state.
Click here to listen to the full interview
Governor Rauner Visits Herrin Junior High
Also on Tuesday, the Governor came to visit Herrin Junior High School. He went on a tour of the school with the Principal and later addressed students and faculty in the gym. The Governor spoke about how education is the most important thing we do as a community because we are preparing the future generation and thus preparing for the future. He also thanked the teachers for all their work, as their job is one of the most difficult but also the most important to our community.
The Governor told me he was very impressed with the students, faculty, and facilities at Herrin Junior High. I let him know that it is simply one of many great public schools we have here in the 117th District.
House Bill 40
This week the House Committee on Human Services heard House Bill 40. The bill aims to expand benefits for Medicaid and the State Employee Insurance Act to cover all abortions, as opposed to just cases of rape, incest, or health of the mother as the law currently does.  This is a measure I strongly disapprove of because it contradicts our principles and values.
Click here to read my statement on HB 40
House Bill 1798
House Democrats are trying to rush through a bill to guarantee pay for state workers. This is a poorly written piecemeal deal that simply kicks the can down the road.  Instead, I am co-sponsoring House Bill 2803 that also secures pay for state workers, has bi-partisan support, and is a permanent solution to this issue.
Click here to view HB 1798
House Bill 426
House Democrats are seeking to make Illinois a sanctuary state. This would put Illinois at odds with the federal government, and with the current financial situation this state is in, it is silly to be biting the hand that feeds us as this bill does.
Click here to view HB 426
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