Severin Disapproves of the House Expanding Abortion

Springfield…. Today the Illinois House of Representatives passed House Bill 40 will allow taxpayer funds to cover abortions.
After the vote, Representative Dave Severin (R-Benton) expressed his disapproval with the bill both on fiscal and moral grounds.
“As a member of the House of Representatives this is a tough day, as many of my colleagues voted in favor of legislation to expand taxpayer funded access to abortion,” Rep. Severin said. “As the bill’s sponsor admitted, we do not know how much this expansion is going to cost us. Aside from that, HB 40 is a blatant attack on the most vulnerable in our society. It is a shame that we are still dealing with these attacks. As a taxpayer and a Christian, I am offended that Chicago Democrats would dump the unknown cost of this disgusting practice on the taxpayers in all corners of the state.”