Severin: Encouraged by Governor and Nurses Renewing Negotiations

Springfield…. House Republicans held a brief press conference Thursday morning in response to news that the Governor’s office and Illinois Nurses Association have agreed to renew negotiations on the issue of subcontracting. As a measure of good faith, the Governor’s office has rescinded the layoffs of 120 state correctional nurses as negotiations continue.
Representative Dave Severin (R-Benton), along with his Republican colleagues, supports the Governor renewing negotiations with INA.
“I am encouraged by the news that the Governor and the Illinois Nurses Association are headed back to the negotiating table,” Severin said. “I think we all recognize and thank the nurses in our correctional facilities for their hard work in a difficult and sometimes dangerous environment. I hope that these negotiations result in a reasonable, permanent solution to this issue.”
Rep. Severin says he appreciates the services correctional nurses provide, and says it is in both parties’ best interest to come to an agreement.