Legislation Co-Sponsored by Rep. Severin Signed into Law

Marion…. Two bipartisan bills co-sponsored by State Representative Dave Severin (R-Benton) have been signed into law by the Governor. The new laws, House Bill 619/P.A. 100-0026 and House Bill 3063/P.A. 100-0035, are aimed at improving security in correctional facilities and improving the food safety standards at farmers’ markets.

HB 619 restricts individuals in a county jail or the Department of Corrections, from using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to obtain law enforcement records that do not pertain to the individual’s case or claim. This includes but is not limited to records that have the potential of causing harm to others, risk of escape, or reveal personal information of victims or family members of inmates.
“In the past, inmates have been known to use FOIA to obtain information on other inmates and their families, as they look for ways to intimidate others,” said Rep. Severin. “FOIA has also been used by inmates to find information about victims of crimes. This bill aims to eliminate the practice in an effort to protect both victims and family members of inmates.”
HB 3063 seeks to improve food safety standards at local farmers’ markets. The bill directs the Department of Public Health and the Farmers’ Market Task Force to work together to set standards for handling and preserving hazardous foods. The bill also provides a list of homemade products that are not permitted for sale. Further the DPH and the Farmers’ Market Task force will also help solve vendor complaints regarding health department fees and sanitation requirements.

“HB 3063 makes positive steps towards protecting consumers at farmers’ markets,” Rep. Severin. “We all like our homemade farmers market products, but we must ensure that we know we can trust what we are buying.”