Rep. Severin Opposed New Gun Legislation: 3-day Waiting Period Makes Law-Abiding Citizens Criminals

State Representative Dave Severin (R-Benton) reacted to the signing of two pieces of legislation that put additional regulations on Second Amendment rights. Rep. Severin opposed both bills when they came before the Illinois House Chamber.

Senate Bill 3256 establishes a ’72-hour waiting period’ while background checks are performed on gun purchasers.

“This three-day waiting period bill does nothing to stop criminals from obtaining a gun or any other kind of weapon to hurt someone or commit a crime,” said Rep. Dave Severin. “Criminals have never waited on the legal morality of a law to break the law. This waiting period only impacts law-abiding citizens in Illinois.”

House Bill 2354 would allow family members to get court approval to remove firearms from other family members they claim could hurt someone or themselves.

“HB 2354 unfairly limits our due process and could make criminals out of law abiding citizens. I feel this legislation goes too far and allows for actual confiscation of legally owned weapons and will hurt gun dealers as well as gun trade shows,” declared Rep. Severin. “I will continue to fight to protect our constitutionally guaranteed Second Amendment rights her in Illinois.”