Severin Reacts to New Gun Dealer Licensing Law

Benton….State Representative Dave Severin (R-Benton) is taking issue with the signing of SB 337, a law that will require small firearms dealers to face further regulation and financial obligation to the State of Illinois. Severin says he cast several No votes in the 100th General Assembly against what is known as the ‘gun-dealer licensing bill’.

“Once it takes effect, SB 337 will now create new licensing costs and regulations for small, independent gun dealerships,” Severin said. “Back when it was a bill, the legislation became probably the most infamous piece of legislation among gun owners and Second Amendment supporters in Illinois. Some quick research on shows that the bill drew more than 4,000 opponents on the record when it was presented to the House Judiciary Committee. That is a major mobilization of law-abiding gun owners and dealers.”

The new law creates a new fee and additional licensing regulations for businesses that do the majority of their business selling guns and ammunition. The law will also require gun dealers to have a state license for the owner, a state license for the dealer, and possibly a local license in addition to the federal license that is already required. The bill also allows for local governments to impose additional requirements on gun dealers.

Severin is warning his constituents to be aware that more gun regulations are likely coming, as control of State government has shifted radically to Democrat control.

“Higher costs, more regulations, and the State government duplicating federal requirements should be what law-abiding gun owners in Illinois should expect while the Chicago Democrats are running everything,” Severin said. “We enjoy a culture and history in Southern Illinois of hunting and sport shooting. It is unfortunate that politicians from the northern part of the State fail to appreciate that.

When it comes to these gun-grabs, I’m going to stand up for my district and vote to protect our Second Amendment rights each and every time.”