Severin: Madigan’s Super Majority Hands him Total Control

Springfield….On the first day for floor votes in the 101stGeneral Assembly, 117th District State Representative Dave Severin (R-Benton) voted no on a proposal he says gives Mike Madigan total control over the legislative process. Severin and all other House Republicans voted no on HR 59, which establishes the parliamentary rules by which the chamber will operate for the 101st General Assembly.

“When I think of the word Democracy, when I think of what a Constitutional Republic is supposed to be, one-man, one-party rule doesn’t exactly come to mind,” Severin said. “Today I was proud to vote against a Resolution that will ensure Mike Madigan has total control of the process.”

Severin, a 2nd term State Representative, says he learned quickly during his first term that Speaker Madigan wields enormous power over the legislative process.

“Madigan can sweep good ideas from the Republican side of the aisle under the rug, and bury them in his Rules committee or in some sub-committee,” Severin said. “After today’s vote, Madigan can now drop major pieces of legislation on legislators’ desks just one hour prior to voting, and bring legislation directly to the House Floor without so much as a Committee hearing. With that vote, Democrats gave him total control.”

Severin says he is disappointed that efforts made by Republicans to alter Madigan’s proposed House Rules would allow for more public input were ignored.

“It doesn’t just look bad,” Severin said. “The House Rules adopted today are bad public policy. I was in support of HR 62, which also establishes Rules for the House and addresses some of the concerns that members from my side of the aisle had with issues of transparency and public access to amendments to legislation.”

“Madigan has the power and the votes push anything he desires in the next two years,” Severin said. “I want my constituents to know that I do not support Madigan’s Rules, and I voted No on Madigan for Speaker. Total control by one man just doesn’t match up with American values.”