Severin Says – February 15 2019

I was honored to present Gary and Billie Wyant with a certificate of congratulations on the occasion of their 50th Wedding Anniversary! Congratulations!

Dear Friend,

Before I get into the meat of the policy discussion for this week’s version of “Severin Says”, I want to share some great photos and memories with you of my travels throughout the 117th district when I am not in Springfield.

Sometimes, when we lose a legislative battle in Springfield, it is a comfort to return home to the friends and family that I love in the 117th, and I consider my constituents to be my extended family!

As always, thank you for reading this week’s edition of “Severin Says.”

Coffee at Kokopelli!
I enjoyed a robust chat with a fine group of gentlemen at the Kokopelli golf course last week over a few cups of coffee (for them, not me of course!) Thanks for the lively conversation!

Benton Community High School Government Class
I had the pleasure on Monday of addressing the Benton Community High School government class. We talked about current events and how a bill becomes a law!

 Rend Lake Conservancy District Executives Meeting in SpringfieldThis week in Springfield, I was happy to host Rend lake conservancy district
CEO Keith Thomason and legal counsel Larry Sanders at my office in Springfield. We discussed Rend Lake conservancy water opportunities, Rend Lake resort, and Rend Lake tourism needs, opportunities, concerns, and new programs coming to Rend Lake.

PRESS RELEASE: Severin: Minimum Wage Hike is Valentine’s Day Massacre for Southern Illinois Economy
Springfield….117th District State Rep. Dave Severin (R-Benton) was not in a loving mood following a Valentine’s Day vote to raise Illinois’ minimum wage to $15.00 per hour. Severin, who is a small business owner himself, says he is afraid that the impact of such a large increase will result in more businesses closing and more people leaving the State of Illinois.

“I guess you could call today a ‘Valentine’s Day’ massacre for Southern Illinois’ economy,” Severin said. “This minimum wage hike is going to kill jobs, close businesses, and put Southern Illinois further behind in competition with our neighboring states.”

Severin expressed concern over the rapid pace at which the legislation moved, and at the rapid pace with which the minimum wage will rise.

“SB 1 represents a singularly partisan effort,” Severin said. “Despite early pledges by Governor Pritzker to work together with Republicans, Democrats have put this bill on the fast track so Governor Pritzker can take a victory lap during his budget address next week. That is not a good reason to implement such a sweeping redistribution of wealth that will have decades of economic impact on our State.”

Severin says he has spoken with several local business owners and executives of larger companies in the past couple of days as the legislation raced through the process over the last two weeks.

“I’m hearing from businesses large and small, from local Chambers of Commerce, from staffing agencies, from human services providers…everyone’s worried that they’ll either have to close their doors or raise prices to an untenable point,” Severin said. “If the Governor signs this legislation I’m certain that Southern Illinoisans will lose jobs, that businesses will close, and that our costs of living and educating our kids will go up. That is unfortunate. That is why I voted NO on SB 1 today.”