Rep. Severin Scores Unanimous Committee Victory on School Savings Legislation

Springfield….Since taking office, State Rep. Dave Severin (R-Benton) has diligently pursued relief for Illinois’ public school districts when it comes to financial reporting requirements. Severin’s HB 2485, filed during the current General Assembly, is his second attempt to provide relief to cash strapped school districts that are currently required to post their financial state of affairs in paper ads in print publications.

“Schools are just now starting to climb out of the financial damage that was done by the budget impasse,” Severin said. “This is a cost saving measure and a taxpayer friendly proposal. Why should a school be forced by law to provide their financial state of affairs in an ad in the newspaper when they could post the same information word for word on the internet and in public view in the schools? I’m a former school board member and president and I am very familiar with how tight budgets are both for local schools and for the State of Illinois.

In Springfield, this week is known as ‘Committee deadline’ week. Representatives have until Friday to move priority bills or substantial legislative measures on to the House floor for a vote. Having earned unanimous approval from the House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee (8-0), HB 2485 moves to the full House for consideration.