Severin Votes No on Radical Abortion Expansion Bill

Springfield….State Representative Dave Severin (R-Benton) left no question where he stood following House passage of SB 25 on Tuesday. The legislation drastically expands access to taxpayer funded, elective abortion procedures in the State of Illinois.

Severin and fellow House Republican members stood during the entire debate, and yielded their 5-minute speaking time, one after the other, to 95th District State Representative Avery Bourne (R-Raymond). Rep Bourne herself is nearly 8 months pregnant. Severin says the House Republicans decided to stand for life together in support of Bourne and in opposition to the bill.

“I believe that standing behind our colleague, a pregnant, mother-to-be, provided a powerful contrast for the people of the State trying to understand why House Republicans were so opposed to SB 25,” Severin said. “We were standing for life. I stand for life. I am so disappointed in today’s vote, and I am saddened that my Democrat friends on the other side of the aisle would take such extraordinary measures to expand access to and taxpayer funding for elective abortion services.”

Severin was disturbed by several of the answers that were provided by the bill’s sponsor during Rep. Bourne’s lengthy questioning of the bill’s sponsor, State Rep. Kelly Cassidy of Chicago.

“The process by which this bill made it to the floor was disappointing enough,” Severin said, referencing the fact that the legislation was up for a House floor vote less than 48 hours after the first notice of action was posted for public comment and legislators’ consideration. “The House Democrats just rushed through a bill that redefines what a fundamental right is, claiming that women have a fundamental right to an abortion!”

During debate, Rep. Cassidy affirmed that SB 25 repeals elements of parental notification, while leaving unsuspecting parents or guardians on the hook for financial costs related to the abortion of their child that they were not aware was even happening, let alone approve of.

Having passed the House 64-50-4, SB 25 does face final legislative test. The bill now heads to the Illinois Senate for a concurrence motion. That motion is expected to pass the Senate, sending the bill to the Governor’s desk. Governor Pritzker has indicated several times that he will sign the legislation if it reaches his desk.