Severin Casts Yes Vote on Capital Infrastructure Plan, Secures Walker’s Bluff Project and $190 Million for Southern IL Road Projects

Springfield….State Representative Dave Severin (R-Benton) was instrumental in securing the inclusion $190 million in funding for Southern Illinois road projects, millions in deferred maintenance for Southern Illinois University and John A. Logan College, and State approval of the Walkers Bluff planned resort expansion.

Severin says he is thrilled to report to his constituents that as part of the agreement that led to the capital plan, several pro-growth economic reforms were secured by House Republicans and their Leader Jim Durkin (R-Western Springs).

“At one point this week I wasn’t sure that any of these jobs and infrastructure bills had any chance of passage,” Severin said. “But we went to work and demanded that the State of Illinois adopt pro-growth reforms before we would agree to any more spending or taxes. I am pleased to report that we have secured $190 million in funding for I-57 and for local road and bridge repairs, funding for deferred maintenance at SIU, and critical reforms for our business climate.”

Rep. Severin says the agreed package of bills will result in some of the most significant pro-business policies that have passed in Illinois in recent history.

“I have been a long-time sponsor of the Blue Collar Jobs Act, and House Republicans also secured significant tax incentives for booming industries across the State. By agreeing to a gaming expansion, and an expansion of the gasoline sales tax, House Democrats agreed to language that includes a data center tax incentive, the reinstatement of the manufacturer’s purchase credit, and the elimination of the franchise tax. These are all critical policy changes that I supported in order to make sure Illinois can stay competitive with neighboring states.”

Severin says that he has always favored more taxpayers over more taxes.

“I have said this over and over, we need more taxpayers, not more taxes,” Severin said. “Well this infrastructure package uses a pay as you use it system for long term maintenance of Illinois’ roads and highways, we secured a major win with Walker’s Bluff’s expansion project being included, and we have secured critical reforms to our business climate. All of these actions are going to result in people having good paying jobs…in other words, we are creating more taxpayers with this capital infrastructure plan.”