Severin: Radical Abortion Expansion Bill Signed by Gov. Pritzker Stains Illinois Forever

Benton….State Representative Dave Severin (R-Benton) issued the following statement upon Governor JB Pritzker’s Wednesday morning signing of Senate Bill 25.

“This legislation drastically expands access to taxpayer-funded, elective abortion procedures in the State of Illinois. My fellow House Republican members and I stood firm in our opposition to this sweeping, and shameful change in our laws.

I stand for life. I stand for the unborn, for the most vulnerable, for the precious lives that cannot speak for themselves. I am so disappointed and saddened that Governor Pritzker and the Chicago Democrats that control the State of Illinois would take such extraordinary measures to expand access and taxpayer funding for elective abortion services and to declare access to a taxpayer-funded, elective abortion as a fundamental right on par with the fundamental rights guaranteed to other citizens. Those other fundamental rights happen to be life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. An abortion ends all of those before a baby even has a chance to get started.

Today’s signing of SB 25 leaves an indelible stain on our state government that will remain until this abomination is repealed.”