Severin Says Feb. 23 2020

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The big news of the week in Springfield was supposed to be Governor Pritzker’s Budget Address. However, news broke on Tuesday morning that former Gov. Rod Blagojevich was to be released early from prison. I was very disappointed in President Trump’s decision to commute Rod’s sentence and issued a statement to that effect.

Rod’s crimes were serious, and he has never shown any remorse or accepted responsibility for his crimes. I am disturbed by the media’s obsession with the former governor, and can only hope he once again just goes away. I won’t hold my breath.

Governor’ Budget Address – Pritzker wants to raise income taxes to pay for new spending

SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Dave Severin (R-Benton) issued the following statement after hearing Governor JB Pritzker’s Budget Address Wednesday.

“Today, the Governor offered a pretty rosy picture of Illinois’ finances. Optimism is great, but realistic planning is better, especially when it comes to budgeting,” Severin said. “If you examine what he said, instead of how he said it, I heard more of the same tax and spend policies that have inflated our state’s budget and blown a hole in the pockets of hard working families. As of today, the State of Illinois still owes more than $7 billion in unpaid back bills. We can barely afford the budget that we passed last year and now we’re being asked to implement further increases.”

Severin also complained that Governor Pritzker took improper credit for Illinois’ unemployment rate being the lowest in its history.

Representative Severin disagrees with Governor Pritzker’s plan to raise taxes to pay for new spending.

“The Governor spent too much time attacking President Trump today and failed to give the President proper credit for building a record national economy,” Severin said. “I’m not sure there are many people from the 117th district that would give Governor Pritzker credit for reducing Illinois’ unemployment rate. What is clear after today’s speech is that Governor Pritzker wants to raise taxes in order to pay for increased spending to the tune of about $2.2. billion.”

Severin explained that the Budget Address provides lawmakers with the Governor’s spending priorities, but the important work of actually passing a balanced budget falls on lawmakers. 

“We as legislators need to make sure we have a transparent, open, and honest process to build a budget that lives within our means,” Severin said. “That phrase ‘live within our means’ always seems to be missing from these big speeches. But, implementing that principle in our budget making process is the only way Illinois will climb out of the fiscal hole that we’re in. Southern Illinoisans are always making do with what we have, and I think it is time for Illinois government to finally do the same.”


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State Fire Marshal Opens Small Equipment Grant Applications

Springfield, Ill – The Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) today announced the application period is open for the Small Equipment Grant Program. All interested departments should send an application to OSFM no later than February 29, 2020. OSFM will award $3.5 million to eligible fire departments and ambulance services during this application period.

The Small Equipment Grant Program was established to provide grants of up to $26,000 for the purchase of small firefighting and ambulance equipment. This program is an innovative approach to a problem that has long caused difficulties for the fire departments and not-for profit ambulance services in Illinois, particularly those that have hardships in generating the necessary revenue for small equipment. The purpose is to allow eligible applicants the opportunity to purchase small equipment that they may otherwise not be able to purchase. Most Illinois fire departments, fire protection districts and township fire departments are eligible to apply. In addition, stand-alone, not-for-profit ambulance service providers are eligible to apply.

Fire department, fire protection districts and township fire department applicants are required to have participated in the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) for a minimum of two years prior to applying.
Additional information including the application can be found

Completed applications should be submitted to:
Office of the State Fire Marshal Small Equipment Grant Program
1035 Stevenson Drive
Springfield, IL 62703

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