Severin Says Special Session Necessary to Clean up Corruption

BENTON – State Representative Dave Severin (R-Benton) joined a growing list of legislators on Tuesday demanding Governor JB Pritzker call a special session of the Illinois General Assembly to take up badly needed ethics reforms.

Rep. Severin makes the demand on the same day that 3 suburban GOP Reps, Deanne Mazzochi, Grant Wehrli, and Dan Ugaste held a Zoom video press conference to call on Pritzker to bring lawmakers back to Springfield.

“The point of today’s demand is to say that silence on the issue of corruption is no longer acceptable,” Severin said. “The governor has said himself that the time for ethics reforms has come. He said so during his State of the State speech. So, I’ll borrow a line from the governor. Now is not the time to sit idle while under-the-table deals, extortion, or bribery persist. If you read the federal government’s agreement with ComEd, you’ll see those scourges are alive and well and feeding on state government. The longer we delay, the more corruption that will take place. Do the right thing, Governor Pritzker. Call legislators back to Springfield and joining us in cleaning up government.”

ComEd Company has admitted to hiring Madigan’s political allies to curry favor with the Speaker in order to pass sweeping energy rate legislation to improve the company’s profitability.

House Republicans have released an online petition demanding that Governor Pritzker call a special session so Illinoisans can have real ethics reforms at