Severin Says Madigan’s Reign in Springfield Leaves Trail of Debt and Corruption

SPRINGFIELD – 117th District State Representative Dave Severin (R-Benton) issued the following statement in response to Mike Madigan’s resignation from the Illinois legislature.

“When I first ran for office, the first promise I made the people of the State of Illinois was that I would never vote for Mike Madigan for Speaker of the House. I am proud to have kept that promise, and I am proud to have kept the pressure on Speaker Madigan to resign.

Mike Madigan’s 50-year tenure in Springfield might end on March 1, but the stain of public corruption and the economic damage his policies have caused for the State of Illinois will last for decades. Madigan leaves office with $5 billion in unpaid bills, a $1.6 billion budget deficit, close to $150 billion in pension debt, and zero ethics reforms.

The people of Illinois deserve a better State government than the one they’ve had to endure under Mike Madigan. I am glad to see him resign, and retain high hopes that we can move forward in a positive way without him around.”