Rep. Severin – Pritzker Signature on Sex Ed Bill Obliterates Local Control

BENTON – State Representative Dave Severin (R-Benton) issued the following statement upon learning that Governor JB Pritzker has signed legislation, SB 818, that creates a new sexual education mandate for children attending K-12 public schools.

“I voted NO on SB 818. The materials that are suggested for the Federal government’s sexual education curriculum are out of touch with what I think are age-appropriate for students as young as Kindergarten. This is not your, ‘good touch, bad touch’ sex-ed. The materials I’ve seen in the Federal government’s sexual education curriculum go far beyond what I consider age-appropriate.

House and Senate Democrats and Governor Pritzker know this bill goes too far, and are simply trying to appease the radical elements of their liberal base by advancing this radical law. Equally upsetting to me is the governor’s governing philosophy has been almost exclusively based on removing local control. I’ll be working to reverse this law in the coming Session and return this issue to one of local control.”