Severin – Pritzker’s Proposed Spending Plan Would Cause Budget Deficits for Years to Come

BENTON – In his combined Budget and State of the State Address, Governor JB Pritzker proposed an FY 23 budget that spends more than $45 billion. State Rep. Dave Severin (R-Benton) says the Governor’s spending plan will leave Illinoisans on the hook to pay to shore up a massive budget shortfall in years to come.

“The Governor’s proposed budget has us taking in $460 million less in revenue and spending $2.5 billion more than the current fiscal year,” Severin said. “The Governor has taken no steps to hold the line on spending during his term, instead relying heavily on one-time infusions of Federal government dollars and business tax increases to balance the budget. This newest proposal would lead to a loss of revenue for local governments, which will eventually mean more property tax increases for working families. Deficit spending during this time of massive inflation will saddle Illinoisans with higher taxes in the future. I would urge House and Senate Democrats to look beyond the coming election and pass a budget that ensures the long-term financial stability of the State of Illinois. The Governor’s proposed one-time gimmicks and giveaways will only make our financial problems worse.”