Severin Legislation Cuts Down Paperwork Regulations for Owners of Hunting Ground

SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Dave Severin (R-Benton) is reporting the unanimous passage of legislation that will cut down on regulations impacting owners of hunting land in the State of Illinois through a House Committee last week. HB 5042 changes the Illinois Wildlife Code to change requirements for resident and nonresident landowners. Currently, landowners must submit a permit application and proof of eligible land ownership to the Department of Natural Resources every year. Severin’s bill changes the requirements to once every 5 years.

“Hunting is a way of life for many people that own land in Southern Illinois,” Severin said. “The fact is, there are people that do not live in Illinois that still own hunting ground here for their own use, for their friends and family, and for the purposes of renting the land to in-state hunters. Current law requires those folks to submit to yearly reporting requirements and a mountain of paperwork that I think can be reduced to make life easier. I am working to change the law’s requirements to move from every year, to once every five years.”

Severin says the idea for the legislation was brought to him by a constituent that felt the current law may hamper in-state hunters from utilizing fertile hunting ground during critical hunting seasons.

“I am proud to have earned the support of the House Agriculture and Conservation Committee for this important measure. I’m looking to cut red-tape and harmful and burdensome regulations anywhere I can find them.”