Severin Rejects Democrats’ Only Budget – Cites $1 Billion Dollars in Pork

SPRINGFIELD – State Rep. Dave Severin (R-Benton) says an early morning vote on the FY 2023 budget means Illinoisans once again have been left out of the process of how their dollars are spent by supermajority Democrats. Severin cast a vote against the $46 billion spending plan introduced well after midnight on the final scheduled day of the spring 2022 Session.

“Tonight felt like deja-vu all over again,” Severin said. “Democrats waited until everyone was in bed, rushed through legislation that spends billions of dollars, raised their own pay, and put pork projects ahead of good public policy,” Severin said. ” A responsible process would have led to a more responsible budget, but that is not what we ended up with. At some point we have to think of the future and stop spending money we don’t have. I voted no.”