Rep. Severin Applauds USDA Grant to Saline River Farms Beef and Pork Processing Plant

MARION – State Rep. Dave Severin (R-Benton) is applauding the decision by the United States Department of Agriculture to award Saline River Farms, LLC a multi-million dollar grant to aid in the construction of a planned meat processing plant in near Creal Springs in Williamson County. Severin says he’s encouraged that more than 400 jobs are coming to the area as a result of the project.

“The area as a whole will really benefit from this new investment and the jobs that will be coming with it,” Severin said. “I am encouraged by the teamwork and cooperation that has been shown by local leaders to make this project a reality.”

Local elected officials and community leaders were in attendance for a special press conference at Veterans Airport in Marion to announce the USDA’s $6.8 million investment in the meat and pork processing facility. Officials involved with the project say the new plant will create more than 400 new jobs and is projected to process 40 million pounds of beef and 19 million pounds of pork every year.

“We’re seeing high prices for the consumer at the grocery store for beef and pork right now, and bringing on more processors is one way we can help to address those costs,” Severin said. “More jobs and more investment means more progress for Southern Illinois.”