Rep. Severin: SAFE-T Act Fix-it Sequel Falls Short on Needed Changes

SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Dave Severin (R-Benton) says the last minute attempt by House and Senate Democrats to fix the dangerous SAFE-T Act falls short of making badly needed changes. Severin voted against HB 1095 as amended, the legislative vehicle that represents House and Senate Democrats’ fourth attempt at follow-up legislation aimed at alleviating concerns of law enforcement officials and citizens concerned for the future of public safety in Illinois.

“Well, we’ve seen this movie before, and this is just another sequel I guess,” Severin said. “As sequels usually go, this bill is no better than the original. Democrats are still ending cash bail. Democrats left language in this newest bill that allows for unlimited complaints against police officers, and they did nothing to address unfunded mandates that will hurt our smaller counties in Southern Illinois. I gave their latest fix-it sequel two-thumbs-down.”

Severin, who serves as the Illinois House Republican Spokesperson on the House Judiciary Criminal Law Committee says he has been disturbed for months by Illinois Democrats’ attitude toward opponents of the underlying SAFE-T Act.

“I feel that we have brought forward legitimate concerns about the SAFE-T Act’s unconstitutional end of cash bail, and 62 Illinois States Attorneys agree with us,” Severin said. “However, we were called every name you can think of including fear mongers and liars. It is a shame that the rhetoric used against folks like me that have legitimate concerns about the SAFE-T Act has sunk to such a low level. This measure falls short of what our people deserve and it falls short of what our police officers need to be able to do their jobs effectively. I voted NO.”