Rep. Severin’s Bill to Transfer Southern Illinois Arts and Artisans Center from IDNR to Rend Lake Conservancy District Headed to Governor

SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Dave Severin (R-Benton) announced today that legislation he sponsored that facilitates the transfer of possession of the Southern Illinois Arts and Artisans Building from the IDNR to the Rend Lake Conservancy District has passed the Illinois House and Senate and his headed to the desk of the Governor.

Severin says this initiative is one he has worked on for months in coordination with both IDNR and RLCD officials.

”I am very proud of the cooperation and the results that we have been able to achieve by working together with IDNR and Rend Lake Conservancy District and now to announce the passage of this legislation through the House and Senate,” Severin said. “Rend Lake Conservancy District will pay the State of Illinois the sum of $531,667 for the property. We’re returning an asset from the state to a locally controlled board.”

Severin’s originally filed bill on the issue was HB 5845, but the language in that bill was combined with other IDNR initiatives into HB 3823, which passed the House on a concurrence motion on Thursday.