Representative Dave Severin Files Bill to Repeal Unconstitutional Firearms Ban

BENTON – State Representative Dave Severin (R-Benton) announced this week that he has filed legislation that would repeal what he calls an unconstitutional firearms ban that was signed into law by Governor Pritzker in January. Severin says he has heard from thousands of outraged citizens that believe their rights to lawfully possess, sell, or transfer many commonly used firearms are being infringed. Severin filed HB 1564 on Monday.

“The people that I represent, and indeed the people of our entire region believe the firearms ban that Governor Pritzker signed is a direct attack on Second Amendment rights, and I agree,” Severin said. “I am a pro-2nd Amendment legislator and always have been. I filed this bill because I believe firmly that the firearms ban is unconstitutional and it should be repealed immediately.”

In mid-January, Severin joined six other Southern Illinois legislators for a town hall meeting in Marion to discuss the issue of gun control and other items that passed during the 2023 Lame Duck Session of the legislature. More than 900 residents were on hand for the meeting, with the vast majority sharing their opinion that they disagree with the firearms ban.

Severin voted against HB 5471, now Public Act 102-1116 earlier this month during the final hours of the Lame Duck Session. The Benton Representative says the people of Southern Illinois are demanding action.

“It isn’t just the hundreds of text messages or the thousands of emails and petition signatures that I’ve gathered that inform me on how people feel about this law,” Severin said. “Hundreds of Southern Illinoisans showed up in person at our town hall meeting to express their displeasure with the Democrats’ firearms ban. I am hopeful that pending legal action in State and Federal court will be successful, but as a legislator, I believe it is right and proper that we express our objection to the firearms ban by passing a law that repeals it. That’s why I have introduced a repeal of the unconstitutional and unworkable firearms ban.”

The Illinois House of Representatives returns to action on Tuesday, January 31st.