Rev. Darrell “Mr. Wimbo” Wimberly Offers Opening Prayer before Illinois House Session

SPRINGFIELD – State Rep. Dave Severin (R-Benton) hosted Marion’s very own Rev. Darrell “Mr. Wimbo” Wimberly at the Illinois State Capitol on the floor of the House of Representatives in Springfield on Tuesday. Reverend Wimberly delivered the invocation to the House of Representatives prior to the beginning of Session and was recognized by Rep. Severin in honor of the passage of House Resolution 854 in the previous General Assembly.

Rev. Darrell “Mr. Wimbo” Wimberly Offers Opening Prayer before Illinois House Session – YouTube

“Reverend Wimberly is a beloved figure in Southern Illinois, especially in Marion and Williamson County. His work to educate and inspire young people, and to bring people together in faith and worship has been an inspiration for years. Rev. Wimberly, or Mr. Wimbo, as many people know him, has been a role model and outstanding citizen and friend for decades,” Severin said.

The full text of House Resolution 854, passed in the 102nd General Assembly in 2022, is below:

Whereas Mr. Darrell Levell Wimberly was born in Louisville on August 23, 1963 and married Deon Wimberly on December 22, 1994; and

Whereas Mr. Wimbo, as he is affectionately known was a standout athlete at Butler High School in Louisville Kentucky, where he starred in football and basketball; and

Whereas Mr. Wimbo then went on to star at University of Louisville from 1978 to 1982 as a
linebacker, where he found great success; and

Whereas Mr. Wimbo tried out for the NFL with the New York Jets, but God had bigger plans for him; and

Whereas Mr. Wimbo went on to a build a successful career selling insurance for Commonwealth Life Insurance for 20 years in the Louisville Kentucky area; and

Whereas he moved to Marion in the year 2000, where he sold insurance for five years before God called him to apply for a job with Marion High School; and

Whereas Mr. Wimbo worked as a volunteer football coach at Marion High School starting in
2000, was hired as Dean of Students at Marion High School in July 2002, and worked as an administrator, football coach, and basketball coach at Marion High School for more than 20 years; and

Whereas Mr. Wimbo has served as a mentor, advocate and role model for thousands of Marion High School athletes and students, bettering their lives; and

Whereas he has served as Pastor at East Liberty Church in rural Marion since 2002, where he has helped lead several Marion residents through their spiritual journey; and

Whereas he has also served as a guest speaker, prayer leader and preacher at various Marion area weddings, funerals, vigils and community gatherings, and served on countless boards, committees and community organizations; and

Whereas Mr. Wimbo, through his service to students and his community providing inspiration with his positivity and guidance to his fellow coaches, administrators and teachers; and

Whereas as he is known to us as Mr. Wimbo, his family and friends know him as Mr. Darrell Levell Wimberly, father of 5 children, including his 2 daughters, and his 3 stepchildren; be it therefore,

RESOLVED that the members of the 102nd General Assembly and a thankful region of southern Illinois, state and nation recognize Mr. Wimbo for touching the lives of thousands of Marion students, parents, residents and community members; and be it further

RESOLVED that we congratulate Mr. Wimbo on 19 years of service to Marion High School and offer him the very best in the future in recognition of his retirement from education and wish him the very best in the future; and be it further

RESOLVED that a suitable copy of this resolution be presented to Mr. Wimbo as a symbol of our respect and esteem.


Rep. Severin, House Minority Leader Tony McCombie, and Rev. Darrell Wimberly are pictured here in the Illinois House on March 7, 2023 prior to Rev. Wimberly delivering the invocation prior to the beginning of House Session.