Rep. Severin Votes No on Democrats Tax-Hike-Filled Unbalanced Budget

SPRINGFIELD – State Rep. Dave Severin (R-Benton) voted against the FY 24 budget brought forward by Democrat supermajority lawmakers early Saturday morning. After missing a self-imposed May 19th deadline for adjournment, Illinois Democrats moved a $50 plus-billion dollar budget to Governor Pritzker’s desk after a marathon session stretched into the wee hours of the morning on Saturday.

“It’s business as usual, and it stinks,” Severin said. “The path of spending more than we take in is unsustainable. The tax hikes in this budget on food, gas, and medicine, and the gall of Democrats to raise pay for politicians tells me nothing has changed since the days of Mike Madigan. Tax hikes, over spending, kicking the can down the road, and ignoring Republicans has had disastrous effects on our financial condition and the bad behavior continues.”

Severin says he has argued for permanent tax relief to be part of any spending plan.

“Food, fuel, and medicine costs are out of control in this environment of Biden inflation,” Severin said. “I came to Springfield to work in good faith, to cut taxes for working families, and to pass a balanced budget that supports critical services while holding firm on stopping the growth of government. This budget expands government in ways that we will not be able to afford going into the future and sets Illinoisans up for guaranteed tax increases later on.”

Severin pointed out the issue of Medicaid coverage for illegal immigrants as a major point of contention.

“Democrats voted for more money for illegal immigrants, less money for individuals working to serve the developmentally disabled, more money for taxpayer funded abortions, and a pay raise for themselves,” Severin said. “If that isn’t bad enough, Democrats in the House and Senate also gave the governor unprecedented power to manage Medicaid to provide illegal immigrants health insurance using administrative rule making and issuing executive orders. Illinoisans have had enough of being ruled by executive order. I voted NO.”