Severin: End of Cash Bail in Illinois Likely to Lead to Increased Crime

BENTON – State Rep. Dave Severin (R-Benton) issued the following statement regarding the end of cash bail and changes to pre-trial release in Illinois

“I was a strong opponent of the Democrats’ dangerous SAFE-T Act that includes language that ends cash bail and changes pre-trial release procedures in Illinois. Criminals waiting trial have already been released from county jails without bond as of today. That fact alone means our citizens are less safe already.

“We have seen this experiment fail in smaller jurisdictions in New York and California. I am committed to being there to assist our law enforcement community with anything that they need while we learn of the impacts of these changes in the coming weeks and months. I have already sponsored legislation that would repeal the SAFE-T Act and stop this dangerous move to end cash bail. I will be working alongside our law enforcement partners to understand how their departments and overall public safety are impacted by these changes.”