The Caucus Blog – House Returns to Action on January 16 – How can you engage?

How Citizens Can Engage with the Legislature in Springfield

Starting this month, the Illinois General Assembly will return to session, with a scheduled conclusion in May. During session, legislators spend a significant amount of time in Springfield. This can make it difficult for residents to engage with the legislative process, but there are options to stay involved.

Communicating with legislators is one of the ways residents can continue to stay involved and further engage. Elected officials offer email addresses, district and Springfield office locations, office numbers, and surveys that residents can utilize. In both district and Springfield offices, legislators have different staff that field calls, emails, and meetings with residents and then report back to the official. Each legislator has a varying set up, but typically, either office may be contacted to leave a message for the legislator.

Another way to engage is to utilize a legislator’s government social media and website. On these websites and applications, legislators update the residents of their district on daily and weekly occurrences with information on legislation, events, district updates, Springfield updates, projects, and resources. By following up with your legislators on social media and checking their websites, residents can see what their elected officials are working on, including outside of the scheduled Springfield session, by having access to direct posts and new releases organically.

An important tool to consider using when engaging with the legislature is the Illinois General Assembly (ILGA) website. This is a state website that encompasses all elements of bills, committees, legislators, audio and video, and more that is all crucial to the legislative processes. At the ILGA Illinois General Assembly Home Page ( website, residents can conduct an inquiry on the status of a bill, file a witness slip to submit testimony in support or opposition of legislation, find office information for an elected official, read current bills and laws, and watch or listen to session and committee hearings. The site is free to use and is updated frequently to reflect changes.

Below are some helpful tips and additional websites to help Illinois residents interact with their elected officials and stay involved with the legislative process in Springfield: