Severin: Democrats Rush Through Major Elections Changes with No Transparency, Public Input

SPRINGFIELD, IL – State Representative Dave Severin (R-Benton) says major changes to elections and the 2024 ballot may be coming after House Democrats rushed through an election and ballot omnibus bill on Wednesday. An amendment to SB 2412 was filed early Wednesday morning that contained multiple changes including referendum questions, changes to petition filing season, and a ban on political parties slating candidates for House and Senate.

“Illinois already has the highest taxes in the country, and the most corruption arrests and convictions in the country. With this legislation, we can add election interference and the direct denial of democracy to the citizens of Illinois to the list that defines the current Democrat party,” Severin said. “This legislation lacks all transparency and stinks of self-serving political corruption. The referendum questions being added to the ballot to drive up Democrat turnout in the November election should be addressed by legitimate legislation. Instead the integrity of our election has been harmed due to Democrats playing partisan politics.”