Rep. Severin Votes Against Budget Hiking $1 Billion in Taxes and Providing $1 Billion in Spending on Illegal Immigrants

Springfield, IL – State Representative Dave Severin issued the following statement after voting against a $53.1 spending plan organized and voted for by Democrats only.

“The budget passed by Illinois Democrats is the largest spending plan in state history. This comes at a time when working individuals and families face the highest inflation in a generation and the highest food costs in history.”

Severin sharply criticized the tax hikes and spending on illegal immigrant services, calling the spending plan an “Illinois-Last” budget.

“The FY 2025 budget provides premium healthcare benefits for undocumented immigrants. Illinois will have spent more than $2 billion in taxpayer funds on healthcare benefits for undocumented immigrant adults.

“I favor a balanced budget without gimmicks and tax hikes. Democrats cut Republicans completely out of the process, waited until the dark of night, raised your taxes, prioritized spending on illegal immigrants, and then did a victory lap by giving themselves a pay raise. I voted NO.”